New Approach Speeds

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I’ve returned after a few months and saw the new speed controls on approach. I was unable to find an answer on the blog post. Will there be an “unable” response to a speed instruction? What if you are in a larger aircraft with a heavier load and are unable to maintain that speed without potentially stalling. For example : “Aeromexico 07A, maintain 160 knots until 4 mile final” “Unable, Aeromexico 07A”. Maybe there could be an option to say the minimum speed you are able to maintain and be stable.


From what we know, that hasn’t been released. But, given the current speed commands, I’d assume unable will be an option (by the way, if you have flaps down, no aircraft is going to stall at 160kts when landing).


Yes there will be an option to say “unable” if that speed assignment can’t be complied with. Welcome back!


Thanks for the replies @Tyler_Shelton @AviationReports I see now.

That is also true

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