New APPR disengagement behavior

It was set up to mirror how planes actually behave. Every button config is different, and surely one can turn off AP with a half-second tap with the rudder in the middle.

I did and did that again and again (and Solo is going to be my only mode very soon)

Oh I see. I fly on a tablet so all my commands are at the same place.

That’s a problem I don’t have.

Interesting. Will you have to give up rudder if you wanted to hit A/P?

This is why you should turn off APPR mode about 7-10 miles out. I keep SPD active until I hit my minimums then A/P is completely off.

Rudder has nothing to do with that. You rarely use rudders in commercial aircrafts

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My brother-in-law uses the rudders before landing the A380: “of course you have to align the plane before landings, before 200 ft, the V and the round in the HUD have to be aligned” he also told me this weekend.

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Alright, forgot what I said…

They are briging back the old APPR.

I’m confused, I didn’t get it. Do you mean they are bringing back the old APPR behavior?


pardon my french haha

You are French tout comme moi n’est ce pas ?
Oops maybe not, I’ve just checked up your profile. But if you are like cousin (from Switzerland) you may be able to speak many languages)

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Non ich am
Only lived in Switzerland for 4 years

you decrab just before touchdown so around 50ft or lower. before then leave the rudder alone.

Yes it’s possible. The real problem is the plane jolt up or down when disengage APPR.
I’d just like to do like my brother-in-law-A380-pilot told me to do: RUDDER, then at 200 ft A/P OFF. The previous APPR disengagement wasn’t ideal but I could disengage it at 400 ft (preset TRIM to minimize aircraft jolt up or down, even though it’s useless on real Airbus), I handled my phone to slightly adjust, and I set SPD OFF at 200 ft to simulate a real A/P OFF.

Thank you all of you for your replies.
I’m now forced to do:

  • Around 400 ft: A/P OFF / SPD ON (in an acrobatic way doing my best to keep steady)
  • At 200 ft: SPD OFF

It makes a double A/P disengagement, it’s not really elegant but it’s the best I could do now with 19.2 to respect Airbus process. What a pity.

I told you, the old APPR is coming back

I can’t wait, no update in sight for now. It would make may day for sure