New APPR disengagement behavior

On Airbus your are supposed to disengage auto approach at 200 ft, the rudder being under control (official process for all situations that is not total clear weather few wind).
But 19.2 introduced the new disengagement keeps SDP HDG V/S, which could be a good idea. But the plane becomes a short time unstable at disengagement. But being unstable at 200 ft before landing is hot.
The previous disengagement only keeps SPD, it was possible to keep steady, then set SPD off.
Today I could click on A/P to disengage but maintaining rudder while doing it is kind acrobatic.
Is there a way to disengage APPR like in 19.1 version?

Probably not. What is it you mean exactly? That the aircraft climbs/descends erratically due to sensitive control or?

The plane can keep on flying normally. Or go up then back on way. Or down then up back on way.

It’s set up for a missed Approach upon disengagement. Once you’ve engaged Approach you can set your altitude to a missed Approach target so that if told to go around, disengaging APPR and throttling up will take you on a go around.

If you prefer it to behave like it did before, once you’ve engaged APPR, you can simply uncheck Altitude and V/S. Then, when you disengage APPR, you’ll simply re-gain manual control.


I’m going to try it and tell you. Thanks

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It doesn’t work. When you set off VS and ALT the plane can goes up or down and it goes back in the approach slope way. Then when you disengage APPR, VS are set again.
The only solution is to maintain rudder with right hand and disengage totally auto approach with left hand. It’s very acrobatic at 200 ft.

Stand by, I think I have a replay.

Edit: Well, Replay doesn’t show buttons, I’ll have to make a video I guess.

Now you will disengage the autopilot completely as it’s done in RL.

Wait, did you turn altitude and v/s off after settting APPR? (After engaging, but before disengaging.)

That’s the only way to regain manual control.

(Or, yes, just do it as @Brandon_Sandstrom suggests, since there nothing to maintain on AP anyway.)

The plane drops a bit when disengaging.

Unless you’re into bad fog, you should disengage earlier.

In bad fog the airbus process is auto landing from end to end.
Common situations it’s 200 ft before landing.
Ideal weather 5000 ft before.
This is what an A380 pilot has just told me this weekend. At 5000 ft in good weather is for maintaining training

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I said bad fog because of how it’s modelled in the game. Low selling if you prefer.

Also, autopilot disconnect happens hardly after decision altitude (around 300ft)

I tried and tried many combinations. Nothing.
Super. I now can’t do airbus procedures. This update doesn’t crash at home but it becomes unpleasant

What are you talking about? You can still push the A/P button to disengage.

I know it’s annoying since you can’t keep ATHR but yeah, just disconnect all and push SPD again.

Just disable A/P, after you disable APPR. You will have manual control. Don’t see what the big issue is here. It adds ONE extra tap. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Yes that’s right but I have to maintain rudder at same time (right hand) and click on A/P (left hand). Pretty acrobatic though.
My previous method was an adaptation to avoid a cross hand handling. I used to keep a right hand finger on the rudder, with left hand finger I set APPR off (SPD only remains set) before 200 ft, with time enough to keep steady. And at 200 ft, with left hand finger I set SPD off which disengaged APPR for good. I also used trim to help to keep steady (which is not necessary with real Airbus in fact).

Or. You could you know, use another finger from your right hand to disable APPR and A/P

My problem is that with right hand I control rudder and with left hand I have to set A/P off (the button is on the right). Crossing hands is a bit risky at 200 ft.

Yes, thank you, but I quite failed. (HORRIBLE)

Practice is solo a bunch, it takes time to get used too, and set everything, and letting go of the rubber for less then 2 seconds won’t ruin anything as long as the winds are terrible