New Apple ID

Hey, so I’ve changed my Apple ID and I wanted to buy a new live subscription but the message showed up that I have to buy the app with this Apple ID first. I’ve seen the other topics but can someone tell me exactly what to do? I know this is duplicate, I’m sorry.
Thanks in advance


I would contact @schyllberg or Apple. I don’t think this is in our reach. Unless it is IF’s software, it is out of our reach.

Also, you should put this in #support

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It happen to me to but you have to purchase the game with new apple id and then you can buy new live subscription the app store will not let you buy the subscription with new apple id unless you go to a apple store for help or contact apple support!!

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Seriously? So I have to buy the game twice? I thought there was a way to move purchase history to the new Apple ID?

So contacting Apple support is a solution?

how about you setup family sharing with two apple id and download the app on the new apple id and then try buying subscription!! can you shoot me a PM when you solve the problem without buying app in new apple id because i want know know how you solve so i can do the same thing to my problem too!! @Mike_Lima_Tango

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I’ll try that. Thanks, this topic can be closed now!