New Apple ID transfer

Device: iPhone XR
Operating system: iOS 17.2
I need help. I want to transfer all of my account stuff to my new iPhone but it is using a new Apple ID and I can,t remember my password for infinite flight. Because it is a new Apple ID it does not remember my old passwords. If there is a way to reset the password but keep all, the data that would be great thank you.

Account stuff in regards to Infinite Flight?

Yes. I got a new phone because my last one was flashing with weird white and yellow-green bars all over the screen. But the person at att insisted I needed a new Apple ID and monkeyed around with my account too.

Okay, so are you trying to basically sign into your IFC account on your new device to play the game?

Also, you shouldn’t need to make a new Apple ID account. Is it that you don’t know the password to your Apple ID account, or that you don’t know your IFC account password?

Yes with a new Apple ID and I don’t remember the passwords for the accounts for several different services. The iPad I am using to write this works great with the old Apple ID but I want to switch everything to the new one that I create since the att messed with my phone and he made my plan 3 times more expensive.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think your Apple ID has anything to do with your AT&T plan at all. Apple ID is basically your phones iCloud and has all of your information in it, so it shouldn’t matter if you used the same one you were using previous. I’d personally stick with the Apple ID that you always used instead of changing it.

When he was messing with my plan he insisted that I made a new Apple ID because I was trading in my phone. He then went on to set up an Apple ID, change my settings on the new phone. When I left and received the first bill for 3x what is was supposed to be I tried changing my Apple ID because I don’t want him to have access or anything but he disabled changes to it / basically locked an adults phone with parental controls and strictest settings, so now I am stuck with something he created.
He was a .

Were you aware that your monthly bill was going to change by a certain amount because I don’t think they can proceed without your permission, since you’re the one paying?

To answer your main question, do you have access to the email your IFC account is associated with?

Yes I do have access to the account of my ifc and I do have access on email. If I could change Apple ID I would just go back to the old one / one that he did not screw up but each time I try to change it gives me a warning / error.

You can reset your IFC password then to sign in on your new device.

You can go back to the store, talk to someone else to get your situation solved on that part. I’m no expert, so that would probably be your best bet. They may not do much or anything because you signed the agreement for the new price and everything (most likely since you got your new phone), but it’s worth a shot.

Hopefully this fixes everything. When I go back I am probably going to ask if they can either retrain him because he screwd up my devices.