New Apple ID, Old G-Mail Account

Hello IFC,

I am thinking about getting a new Apple ID, however, I want to be certain whether my transactions will be transferred over to this new Apple ID. My G-Mail will not be changing. Is there anyway I can transfer the purchase of the app itself and the subscription over to the new apple ID?

Would this be possible if I enable family sharing for Apple IDs?

Thank you for all the help, I did try to search this up, but I did not find a sufficient answer!

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All purchases are tied directly to the Apple-ID they were purchased on.

While it is possible to share the app purchase itself via Family Sharing, in-app purchases and subscriptions is not shareable.

Your subscription is however tied into our systems as well, so if you just sign in with your linked account, you should be able to access your subscription.


So I’m trying to clarify:

If I enable family sharing, I can still access the baseline app (although I won’t “own” a copy of the app itself since it’s shared), but once I log into my gmail, my stats and figures should return to the shared app?

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That’s correct.
You can sign in using either Google or IFC in the app by the looks of it. I looked up your account.

Bear in mind that you can’t cancel your subscription or anything else through the new Apple-ID. This needs to be done from the Apple-ID it was purchased on.


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