New app. Infinite Checklist with sounds (voices)

An awesome new app developed by @Infinite_Check. Infinite flight check list.

Check the link below for more information:


Is it on iOS as well?

Sadly it is not available for IOS, but it may come in the future.


I wish there was more of a description for it. Is it just audio or is it a checklist? I downloaded it but the app requires me to pay to use it and I’m not comfy with a three day trial. 99 cents a month for audio?

The app could use more documentation online or something that shows how it works.

Just my 0.02 worth.


I’m uncomfortable with a subscription Vs a 1 off payment, and that’s after I’ve sat through 5 videos!

The help and about buttons also do nothing.


It is audio and check list. When you download it there is no trial all you have to do is watch 5 videos (ads).
The developer @Infinite_Check said that the beta was paid, the app is totally free!.

There is no subscription the app is free.

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How come the developer is not posting this? Are you the developer? Seems fishy to be all third hand.


The developer is @Infinite_Check. He tried to post it twice but his account got limited.


I see. This is a different version from the last one I downloaded. They even changed their response today to my play store review that I did yesterday and they replied to.

I’m sorry. I am not sitting through five videos for a checklist just to rack up add views for the developer. This is a pass for me.

All new users posts have to be reviewed. Maybe the person can post meaningful posts instead of advertisements right off the bat. Introduce themselves, reply to some posts, try to be a part of the community instead of instantly becoming a salesperson.


Yeah, your right he should contribute more but i don’t mind watching the videos the app is kinda cool.

Bug Report with the new version:

  • Pixel 2
  • Clicking on tutorials or about does nothing.
  • After watching 5, 30 second ads, the program force quit on me. Even after rebooting
  • Tried again, another 5 (of the same) ads and 2:30 later. Still crash
  • Uninstalling.

Good luck in your endeavors.


Ok. I will report this to the developer immediately. it worked fine on my galaxy s8.

He said he will fix the problem as soon as possible.

I take back my positive comments. I’ve just come to use the app after closing it earlier - to the requirement to watch a further 5 adverts. Absolutely ridiculous!!!


Same here. I hope he can remove them.

I feel like saying this is an awesome app is way too early… You should say this is a checklist in the title instead.

My comment: Too many ads, not worth


Will this app be coming out in IOS any time soon?

You dont want it mate, 2 and a half minutes of advertisement every time you want to use it haha

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Ahah ahaha - they need to make it a fixed price then!

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