New AoA Indicator/Indexer

Thanks for the new AoA Indexer in the F18!

It’s interesting to watch as it confirms or disconfirms approach speed when flying an approach only with reference to the FPV and changes in throttle.

Of course the AoA Indexer and FPV are closely connected. But seeing the concept from the two perspectives is pretty cool as I’ve never used an AoA Indexer before.

And it re-enforces the concept that AoA is, among other things, an indicator of speed.


Agreed, amazing addition! It will certainly help with landing the FA-18

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And AoA indicators with similar symbol representation are increasingly available for general aviation aircraft use:
Technique: Angle of Attack - YouTube

As the link implies, that is the appropriate approach speed given the conditions, rather than any single fixed approach speed.

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Sorry to indulge but it struck me as very cool when you use AoA as an airspeed indicator.

First the doubt: AoA doesn’t always show the same airspeed. What’s so great about it if it can’t show a consistent airspeed?

But that’s the cool part. AoA shows you the appropriate airspeed as that value changes according to changes in aircraft weight and density altitude.

Although IAS keeps tabs on density altitude, you have to adjust it for weight. So as you get heavier or lighter, AoA shows you what to do to your speed.

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