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Hi guys, I hope l’m right here… l am currently not using infinite flight because I cannot use the update on my old tablet. There was the information that you need a current iOS or android version and at least 64 GB. If I buy a new android tablet now, should it be 64 GB straight away, or is 32 GB enough with a memory expansion via an additional micro sd card?




Seems like you’ve confused this a bit :)
It has nothing to do with storage, or GB at all to be fair.

The requirement for 21.x is that if it’s Android, it needs be running full on 64-bit. That means both the chipset & the installed Android version needs to be 64-bit. In some cases the chipset may be 64-bit, but the Android version installed is not.

For iOS, it’s much simpler. Anything that’s worked before, will work now.

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hey if you want to buy a IF compatible device look here


Ok, thanks for your answer. I don’t seem to have understood. But what do I need for a new tablet if I never want to play the latest Infinite Flight version? I would like to buy the Samsung Tab a7 2020 with 32 GB, Android 10, Qualcomm Snapdragon 620 processor. Would that be enough?


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Thank you very much, now I know what to buy …


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No problem.

btw you dont need to write you name at the bottom

Hey, I have another question. The tablets that are in the list are either more or the only ones.


Hi, Jerome, there are of course other tablets, but the ones that are in my list are the ones that are 100% supported currently by the simulator.

The majority of the Samsung A tablets and some phones aren’t able to run the simulator.

Hey Jerome!

To make it simpler for you:

What Infinite Flight requires is processing power to make the 3D buildings and other cool features work properly. That’s what they mean when they say that they need a 64-bit system.

This processing power comes from the processing chip (like a miniature CPU) that your device runs off of. Anything less than a 64-bit chip will not be able to run the latest versions of Infinite Flight.

But there’s more. As it turns out, you also need the appropriate software to read and use that power correctly. You can have a 64-bit chip, but if you only have a 32-bit software version (like a lot of Samsung tablets use), it won’t be able to use that glorious chip to the fullest, and won’t be able to run Infinite Flight’s latest versions.

In other words:

What you’re talking about in your original post - about 64GB or 32GB - is about storage. That’s about how much data - or how many gigabytes (GB) your device can store, or hold. It doesn’t have much to do with processing power.

Hope it’s a little clearer for you :)

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Thank you very much … Now I have finally understood that. Then I pay attention to the 64 bit when buying a new tablet. You have helped me a lot.


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Thanks again…


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If you are on a budget, get the Samsung A7 2020, works great.

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