New Android Tablet Problem - please help!

Hello guys, I need your help please. After about 6 months, I installed Infinite Flight on my new Huawei Media Pad T3 for the first time today. But now it is on the one hand that when I register, all my points that I have flown for years are gone, but that my tablet cpl. has crashed. Nothing worked at all and could only be restored completely after a few minutes. be restarted. Before it crashed I had a really bad picture. It jerked and there were duplications. I didn’t have that on my Samsung Tab A. What can I do because I’m really angry right now and I bought the Media Pad T3 especially for the IF Simulator.



Are u sure about the acc ? And were u able to login in ur acc, If Yes, is it still showing 0 abt the flight time, landings etc ?

Hello! more surely you will have started a section in another account which is not registered and real account of infinite flight!. Contact support or with @schyllberg to help you get your account back! And don’t get mad, that little problem has a solution.

Hello, Yes I am sure. I couldn’t log into my old account with the new tablet. But the problem is far from being that bad. Much worse is that the simulation does not run on the tablet. Last year I received a list of devices from the community that are compatible with IF. On the list was the Huawei Media Pad t3 10. And that’s exactly what I bought. After the IF installation, I got as far as the flight in the new account. Then it said “The flight is loading”. That lasted several minutes. Then came false images, double images, color differences and nothing worked. I couldn’t even quit the game. My tablet had to be restarted. Then I uninstalled it and reinstalled it because I thought there might be a bug. But the problem stayed the same. I tried it 3 times in total. The game doesn’t run on my Huawei Media Pad t3 10. Very disappointing… I bought it just for that.

Hello, thanks for the hint. But since I don’t have a tablet to play with now (see previous answer) it doesn’t matter now.

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