New and improved

Join the Chicago Kenosha airport at eastern 2:30pm fly a army plane remember contact me at see you in the next 20 minutes


Hey Darion!
On behalf of the community could I please ask that you only make one topic per event, so that this forum and the events category is easier to manage :)
It will also make communication less complicated when the events takes place!
Thanks for your contribution to the Community!

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OK thanks for the info

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Can I ask something a question about the game I email the head of infinite flight simulator my game keeps on stopping

No problem my friend! :) ;)

Yep sure, Shoot! I’ll see what I can do!

When am in the game and start to fly it freeze and stop and I operate a blu studio 5.c version 4.4.2 and I got so mad I wanted a refund when the game closed on me and can you tell every one about me new event

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Yep sure-I will let everyone in IFEP know about it!

As for your issue, please try these steps:

  1. Ensure that your device has satisfactory storage left.
  2. Make sure all background apps are closed, and you aren’t currently running any downloads or anything along them lines. This is to free up memory.
  3. Lower all your settings in the options menu. (Top Left corner of the home screen)
  4. Reboot/Restart your device!

Try these steps! Tell me if they work! Thanks! :) ;)

Just give it time and it will work eventually if you follow those steps…Maybe decrease your settings even more if you already haven’t!

As for refunds, I can’t do anything to help you in that department,I’m not a part of FDS-I just know my stuff and help where I can!
If you do have an issue with that type of thing then try to talk to @matt or drop @DIsraelFDS an E-mail at and open a support ticket with him.