New and improved website

Fellow pilots, we are happy to announce that we finally have a new website to showcase Infinite Flight as well as providing Live subscribers with a way to manage their account online (what was previously available at

With this improved website, you can login to your Infinite Flight Live account using the same Facebook or Google credentials you are using in the app. Once logged in, you can check out your current Live stats as well as easily buy or renew your subscription.

We have a few plans for more feature on this new portal:

  • News feed (pulled from this announcement category)
  • Better forum integration
  • Live activity
  • More stats
  • and more…

In the meantime, we hope you like it and feel free to let us now if you spot any issues with it.

Happy landings!


Great! Can’t wait to check it out!


Nicely done website. Great Job!

Yay! It needed an update, good going!

Love the new, modern design!

So that was the planned update for the main website I was told about. Looks neat.

Nice job, I really like this flight sim.

That’s actually amazing. Great and much needed update:)


Real nice, neat and clean, it looks so good :)

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I have a doubt already, it says I can log in on the website with Google or Facebook, but I´m logged on the community with Yahoo, are those two things different?

yes it is different.

Website uses the same credentials that you use in the app.
The community uses whatever email you used when you registered here.

We might unified all of this down the road … not easy though :)


Looks sharp!

Good job devs
quest: why am I getting a warning about not private connection before entering the website?

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“Live Activity” - how do I view this?

Nice to see how many days I have left for Live. My question was because I didn´t know if I had to log out of my second google account. Looks like it doesn´t log me out though.

When I saw download on iTunes I was like OMG there is an app for this? So I clicked on it and it was just a link for infinite flight :(

Make sure you use (you should get redirected anyway)

If you still have the issue, i would need more information about the issue to be able to investigate: platform, browser (w/ version), screenshot of the issue … etc
Using chrome on a desktop you can click on the “green padlock” icon in the address bar to get details about the certificate; a screenshot of those details would be helpful.

it worked thanks!

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So its not the big announcement of Mark i think