New and confused!

I’m new to this forum as of today!
I’ve joined to try and appeal a ghosting as I was approaching Bangkok this afternoon. I’ve read that I need to DM the controller, but I have no idea how to do that on here. Any advice please folks??’

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What was the name of the controller?
Also, with your TL you can’t send DMs now :-(

Hey! Currently as you’re a new user, you can’t dm yet. Put the controller’s name below and I’ll notify him for ya.

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Welcome to this forum! And what a shame you weren’t here earlier; it may have well prevented this Report.

Check your logs and give us the name of the controller who reported you, so we can ask him to contact you via direct message.

While you’re here, please stick around and check out the valuable info below. This is a great forum with plenty of helpful people and good info.

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It was Flying High


Hello, welcome to the forum.

That controller goes by @anon66442947. He will be happy to help you out I’m sure :)

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