New Alaska Airlines Veterans Livery


(Not a feature request)


I prefer their main livery! :-(
This one still looks okay though 🙂

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Which other one?

There main livery


I like the new standart livery though…

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That’s not their main livery :-(.

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Oh I didn’t know that. I always thought it was.

Never knew ``````

They changed this year in January I guess…

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Very nice of Alaskan to be honoring the veterans, nice touch



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American flag winglets 😍😍

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wow! so great and cool, nice to see, airlines finally start to honor our countries and other countries heroes :) my dad would be proud because he’s lost many friends in the military (he used to fly the B1B bomber) now he flies the kc-135R stratotanker, he would be so proud! thank you again Alaska!

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Agreed, I like them as well 🇺🇸

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Why is it so blue its supposed to be like a navy I think or darker

Alaska Airlines is my favorite airline. They do so much for our Veterans. Their new livery is very well done. I look forward to flying on that aircraft hopefully soon.

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U from alaska too?

Lived there for 20 years. Live in Spokane now, but still travel to Alaska for work about once a month.

They changed a little bit their old livery, before changing it completely this year.