New Alaska Airlines Branding||20160106_BRAND||_Jan25

Not bad but not especially good either…

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The old one is better IMO.

The ALASKA titles are too smoothed out. Overall a good refresh after some truly horrendous refreshes.

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I absolutely love it. Stunning.

hey you should press option-click.

Must be an acquired taste. I had similar feelings towards AAs 2013 livery. I suppose as time goes on, I’ll get used to and hopefully will like this new livery.

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I don’t care for it as much as the old livery. Everything is going to smooth and simplistic.

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Nice and modern now

Exactly! These modern liveries are quite simple and boring. I wish they used more interesting patterns and texts. They spend bags of money on a fresh new livery but it’s so much more boring than the older, more complex, flashy, and classy liveries.

Nice. It still looks a lot like the old one.

Alaska could have done better than this.
You expressed exactly how I feel about this.
I’m still struggling with AA paint job, I havnt obtained that acquired taste yet.

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I have actually was urging to tell an AA pilot “I’m happy I’m on this plane because your new livery absolutely sucks.”

AA jet theme reminds me of a 4th of July decoration. My old boss Douglas Parker and the board shouldn’t approved of that overt patriotic, 4th of July, dixie land hot mess.
I’m still not happy about it. I can’t wait until the marketing department gets the go ahead for a new concept.

There was the idea that AA could have kept the old symbols with the addition of the eagle head of the new livery, which I find hideus.

The old tail doesn’t work with the new body colour. The new one works better.

They need to go back to the good old shinny foil livery. If I marketed for AA I would incorporate the American Eagle livery onto the mainline fleet. That in my opinion would of been the best idea.

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