New Alaska Airlines Boeing B737-800

This is really needed. The old livery on Infinite Flight is outdated. There are more of this livery in the skies now.

This really needs to be added with the B737 mini rework

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Yeah, I havent seen one single old livery unless it has the newer split schimitars in the sky, @ San diego, or on FR24.

Heres a photo of mine showcasing a part of their new livery. I think Alaska has one of the best liveries, just so clean and modern. I love the colors so very much!



With the B737 mini rework, new liveries would be included. I am crossing my fingers this livery gets added into the sim.

The old white Alaska livery is outdated and soon would be no more. This livery really needs to come. Make flying for Alaska Airlines way better.


Could this be it?!!


That is a 737-900, but it is Alaska.


Maybe it could be a teaser for this one also to come???

With the “More to Love” livery being confirmed, I’m hoping this one is included in the livery package as well. It would make flying this one feel so much better, with alternating liveries omg

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How do you know the More to Love livery has been confirmed

They posted a video on Instagram of the 737 with the More to Love livery fly by…

I’d say it’s been confirmed pretty well ;)


Has anyone taken notice that despite all the expectation of the this updated livery coming to 18.6, not much of it has really confirmed. For me it’s safe to assume that it’ll be in it, especially if the “More to Love” livery will be added. Though throughout all the comments on social media platforms in the forum, I haven’t seen one clue that would or potentially confirm the livery. Hoping it makes it in for both the 800, and 900

Image result for alaska 737-900lets go Alaska my favotive Alaska aircarft 737-900 New Livery

Beautiful aircraft.

I’m hoping this mystery aircraft is the one 💙💚


what is it the 737-900 alaska

Speculated and rumoured to be. I did some zooming and investigating myself and I feel certain that it probably is.

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I agree! I love this livery, and I hope they add it too.

Please make sure you cite your source for your photo to ensure fair credit is given. This is a #features thread so I’m not truly sure if we’re allowed to put more than one photo, unless an exception is made. Thanks!

hopefully this will be in the rework

this request can be closed now that the Alaska livery is on the 737.