New airports

Would the Development team ever add the Old Denver Stapleton airport?


That would be the airport editing team

Probably not. Stapleton had the same ICAO as the present Denver International so it creates some logistical issues.

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What is ICAO was DST, DSP, STL, SPT

Unlikely, as it’s extremely hard to find good imagery and charts for Stapleton in order to make it as realistic as IF users have come to expect

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Stapleton’s ICAO was KDEN, the same as present-day Denver Intl.

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The Google Earth is quite good, and the faa has historic charts

The airport editing team aims to be as realistic as they can with airports, so they do not include most historical airports (Kai Tak being an exception…). It’s also a pain trying to dig for aeronautical information of decommissioned and no-longer-existing airports.

Google Earth Pro imagery is also a pain, because imagery has to be aligned manually (they have to take screenshots of sections, and they come in JPEG format, not .TIFF).

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That. Is. IATA.

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