New Airports

So today I saw on Infinite Flights Instagram. The 3D airports and I was wondering if the airports would look identical to the ones in real life like Richmond or Chicago that’s all

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Most probably.

Nothings confirmed, But what they posted looks very similar to terminal C at KDEN, so it’s likely that every airport receiving terminals will be identical to it’s real world counterpart.

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Probably IF is working hard to make the airports look very similar to the ones IRL, remember that the first reworked airports will not be a lot of them. We just need to wait till the update comes out.

Here is your answer, straight from the source (clouds and buildings QnA)

Look how fantastic it is, both dark mode mix perfectly

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Hey @Praab_05 this is currently a duplicate topic with talking about the recent post infinite flight added. Please continue with the topic linked below

As @Q-ENAN mentioned, Infinite Flight provided this information as found on their blog. The full post for that article can be found below. Other than the information that you see there, nothing further has been mentioned in regards to that level of detail.