New airports to come

So we know that infinite flight is only creating A handful of 3D airports To begin with and we can assume that a handful is somewhere between 5 and 10 airports. We know for sure that KSFO and KLAX will be included and probably EGLL purely because of how much traffic it gets but I think another airport to come might be LTFM just because of how cool it would look and because I think they would probably aim to update some modern airports Such as Istanbul’s airport or any other of the airports in the Middle East. Those are my thoughts but what do you guys think?

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I choose not to guess so I don’t get disappointed by the finished product and my hightened expectations that would come as a result. I don’t know about you though :^)


I think “a handful” means 5. EGLL, KSFO, LFPG, WSSS, and Dubai.


I wouldn’t speculate much on it. Infinite Flight is full of surprises :)


Your missing KLAX

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I’m not really one for speculation, will be grateful for whatever comes :)

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I was thinking 1 per region.

They’re not missing any, no one really knows

Lol I’m just honestly excited to get some 3D buildings in Infinite Flight! :)


But KLAX and KSFO are basically confirmed to come though

I am just speculating, I just want clouds and lights in cities and taxi lights. It will probably be like 3 airports.

Agreed. The think I’m most looking forward to is taxi way lights. I think people are underestimating just how big a difference it will make to the game

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I think they will add

4.EHAM Schiphol
3.OMBD Dubai
1.EGLL Heathrow

I hope they add some sort of system like in MFS2020 or user made airports, that would be cool!

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We will just have to wait and see