New Airport Update?

With the new airport update,
What is the most detailed airport now:
For example, what airport has the most detailed gates, air bridges, etc.

KLAX is probably one of the biggest ones. @Kilt_McHaggis would know more about this.

They have taken the jetbridges out, because of performance issues. But I think EGLL has that. Once I get my laptop back, I’m going to ask to be part of the editing team so I can fix up KPAE.

KPAE is being worked on. Don’t worry.

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Jetbridges are currently still there! EGLL, EGKK, KLAX, KORD, KMIA, EHAM, KDEN all of which currently have 2D jetbridges will be phased out in the next scenery release. I do have access to what is being developed or how far through development they are with respect to any of the future airport elements. I have been given direction and I am sure the direction given is for the best, due to some future path that we may be taking. This is a journey we are taking together as a community. I believe that what we end up will be incredible.

I am sure this did not answer all of your questions. Hold on to your hat as I really, really believe in the work this team is doing! Salute Philippe et Matt :)


Check out the numbers


Where is this?

Who is working on KPAE?


Matt’s Insta explains it

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@Captain_DJ no one currently, but @Samuel123abc has done some work with it, though it isn’t ready. I will finish it once I have finished KPSP (unless someone else wants to)

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What has @Samuel123abc done to KPAE?

All that I want is the airport markings, and parking spots and also labelling of those parking Spots as “747, 767, 777, 787” parking. If you look at satellite images, you can see aircraft clearly. Also what I want done is buildings, like as in the dark grey colour? You got what I am saying? :)

I have done nothing to KPAE so far.

We have to follow real world markings. If it doesn’t say 747, 787 etc. then we can’t put them there. That also goes for parking spots.


God Damn it, I created this but.

It’s kind of exact

You would not be able to bespoke a graphic as the airports must represent what the satellite sees. Also text info cannot be added. It is possible to add spaw points and name them accordingly e.g. Parking: B747-1 etc

Which is what I mean.

I was just pointing out, that is where they would most likely park, but you’re the editors, go ahead and change it…

In anyway did I say this was going to be an actual product. Pls listen very close, I was pointing out where they would park, based on the satellite image. If you’re that peeved of about it, don’t do it! :(

I am not doing that airport. I think Henrik didn’t fully understand your concept. Where there are actual terminal gates, of course these must be represented accordingly. In other less known airfields where there was a desire to create additional spawn points we would typically research what is actually there and try to represent a naming convention accordingly. What you are suggesting at first glance (just the naming of the spawn points) doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Again I am not working on that one.