New Airport opens in India

Is this one of the worlds most beautiful airports?


I go to india often and next time i go, i need to visit that airport

Wow that is a beautiful location! We need this in IF

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Could you add a little more information? All your saying is the title of the link.


Looks like a lukla 2.0 , new and improved!

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This is airport is truly an engineering marvel! Looks really nice! :D

Good thing that two pretty big airlines (Spicejet, and Drukair) are gonna fly there.

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That honestly is so beautiful

That looks like an awesome airport! Imagine what spotting pictures you could get there!

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Am I the only one that thinks on the far end of the runway in the first pic that the mountain looks awfully close to the runway? Would be a real hazard in IFR conditions and also the mountain right there would create some windshear.

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whares the Airport editors! 🧐

Due to how new the airport is, the airport editors will most likely not be able to edit the airport as of now. They need the imagery of the airport to be able to edit it accurately for Infinite Flight. I’m sure as soon as new imagery for the airport comes out, some editor will hop on it. No promises though. Cool airport! :)


I figured. I just was wondering if they were looking into it or not yet. Not trying to be mad or something. I suppose the bold may have misconvaed that message… 😉

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Yeah, it could take quite a while before it ever shows up in IF. Imagery tends to be updated no more frequently than yearly with the potential to be as infrequent as 5 years. The other issue of course is if any active editor is willing to do it. That is of course, purely voluntary on their part, and is unlikely to be influenced by request.

What I’m saying is that it’s possible to be added within a few scenery cycles, but rather unlikely.



Airport Editing Reviewer

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The link is there to a BBC article

Looks great. I have always wondered how new airports open due to their size.

The approach must be beautiful! 😍

What is it called

(CNN) — “Sometimes an airport is just a strip of asphalt on a flat bit of land outside of town. Other times, as with India’s new Pakyong Airport, it’s a breathtaking piece of engineering on the roof of the world.”

“Set in the Himalayan mountains at a height of over 1,400 meters (4,593 feet), the facility serving a remote area of Sikkim state offers one of the most dramatic airport approaches on the planet.”

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