New Airport & Navigation Update

I was wondering the same, I just did a flight there the other day AA209/209 to/from KORD. I hope they added more gates as the one I was supposed to arrive at wasn’t there (according to Flightaware and FlightStats. I just picked the closest one but hopefully they added to Terminal 4 so I can go to the right gate next time.

@Josh_Tomaz Thank you, thank you so much for working on Lanseria. Will be very happy to see this airport updated.

It is the most airport i have taken off/landed on in real life. Very close to where i stay

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Love the new DC-10 background!!

It must have been added within the past hour.


You mean for the loading screen? Cool! I’ll have to check that on the weekend! 🤤



I have a screenshot if you want to see 👀

Actually wait I don’t it hasn’t downloaded onto my google photos yet ugh 😔

Please no thanks! I wanna save the surprise for myself! Thanks though! 😁

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Very close to completion.


We have a seperate Thread for tracking our work:

You could use this one @Josh_Tomaz


Great job! Thanks!!


please add the taxi way that conection the rwy 12R with the 12L

You can join the IAET (Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team) and edit it yourself.

Check them out at Infinite Flight Airport Editing.

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ok woow lets go

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Can you specify which airport?

If the “issue” is with an already existing Bravo Class airport, we wouldn’t let the newcomers to work on it.


Sure I was saying it as a general suggestion.

Waiting for Ukrainian airports improvement)))

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Alright then no problem thank you for promising to do DNGO… I hope DNJA will get edited one day

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Please don’t bump topics like this - I suggest you take a look at this:

When will it happen next? For January 2021? We have been waiting 2 months since you didn’t release December 2020 version

It is coming soon.