New Airport & Navigation Update

Yay for Seattle! Thanks for your hard work y’all!

Yes KCLT!! fixed!!!

That airport is included in a project of mine so you can expect it to be updated if necessary.

KSEA had its buildings removed.

Just a minor fix for the taxilines.


Thanks to the other airport editors! A few of my airports should hopefully show up in next month’s update!

Maybe LLER (IATA: ETM) could be added as it was opened in January and is new, and is replacing LLET which is already in IF. The airport is in Southern Israel and is in Eliat, titled Ramon Airport.

Great job! Can you add CSH2?

Yes, we can!
But why should we?
You can do it your self!
Isle-aux-Grues Is an tiny little easy one, so give it a try.
You will find all information you need in this beautiful thread.

BTW, the Airport Editing Team does not take requests from externals by principle.

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I’d gladly do it myself, but you can ask either Ryan, Kilt, or Misha why that can’t happen that may or may not have happened because of whoever @E is on the IFAET slack.


You have to wait for satellite imagery of the finished airport to be published.

Um, that doesn’t look like SAS to me, maybe you should check SAS.

Hey, you start stressing my patience…
I am able to check more then 5 different sources of satellite images and other useful sources. It wouldn’t change anything. If it is not possible at the moment it is not possible at the moment.
If you can find a sufficient source I would be happy to guide you through the editing process.

I’m checking SAS right now. Sorry.

Ok, I have some pms to do

If you can do that, why can’t you edit the airport yourself instead of request it here?
I really do not understand what your up to!

HKJK HKNW and HKRE need some work

So I need to uninstall and reinstall, correct?

No. Just restart the app and the updated airports will be there.

Oh. Well I went to the App Store and didn’t see anything. I guess I just misunderstood how they were releasing the update

As said in the announcement:

It’s a database update. The app updates itself when you restart it. It’s not an app store update.


Thank You!

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