New Airport & Navigation Update

how do you even get on the editing team?

Thanks for IFAET team!

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You’re the best guys!


Great job once again to the airport editing team. Your hard work and dedication is certainly appreciated.

FMEE is nice

Thanks airport editing team!

Hmmm… MHT is still missing, but great airport update!

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Great update, although I’ve been waiting since global came out to have KBHM 😥

But otherwise great choices

Thanks for the help / update

Thank you for editing this can’t wait!

Great job!👌

The current state of both airports is still “Suggestion,” which means they’re still available for redo. Until then, what you’re seeing now will remain like that.

Additionally… if you want it so badly, how about you join the team? We have a lot of airports to edit, and more editors never hurt! ;)


I have checked out the new update and it was supper , thanks guy’s and foreword with God bless.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about that one. I’ve been following up with the person who’s supposed to do it. Work in progress.

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Hey @ValXp
Can you guys wrk on adding a international terminal at Austin (KAUS)

Thanks you so much for your constant work and apport…

You know that’s not how it works.

I asked Bruno about KAUS recently (due to its lack of heavy–capable gates). It’s currently marked as a suggestion so no one has decided to do it yet.

You know what to do if you want it done faster.


So glad to see MRLB get some attention! Thanks airport editing team!