New Airport & Navigation Update

Either way, it’s a better airport now than it was before.

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Keep in mind that not all airports may have a visual change to them. Some airports could’ve simply received a frequency fix or runway adjustment.


Glad to see KIAH and KMSY (two of my favorite airports) were worked on. As usual, keep up the great work team!

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KIAH had a full redo from scratch this time. You’ll notice that some taxiways don’t have any markings since they’re under construction (from what I saw in Google).

KMSY had its buildings removed to comply with new editing rules. It still has pending a redo later in the summer.


The scenery update is not in the airport editing team’s department.

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That’s a totally different topic and it’s not related to the work of the editing team, the answer can be found here.

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Great update!
Have to admit i was surprised to see that Murcia airport wasnt in the sim before. Once again, good job guys!

Thanks @HiFlyer!

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What else was changed/added at KIAH? Any new fixes?

Offff, i have been sad a very long while because i joined Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team for many months ago but my PC can not handle it!

I wanna know who build ZLXY, I love him (or her) !

how do you even get on the editing team?

Thanks for IFAET team!

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You’re the best guys!


Great job once again to the airport editing team. Your hard work and dedication is certainly appreciated.

FMEE is nice

Thanks airport editing team!

Hmmm… MHT is still missing, but great airport update!

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