New Airport & Navigation Update


Nice I like this!


Awesome! I always base some of my routes off of the new airport updates!


Why my name is not there :(

I’m worked on Saudia Arabia airport OEMA - OETB


This was handled internally within the slack. See the announcements channel. :)


Someone is getting some nice Colorado work done! Great work y’all!🙂


That’s all @Balloonchaser. He finished off Colorado.


Awesome! Thank you to all of the team members making IF a better sim for the rest of us!


Great job, Thanks to IF and the airport editing team !


Is there somewhere where I can ask for a airport to be reworked?


Is the team working on Lanseria International Airport (IATA: HLA, ICAO: FALA)?


Nope. Airport editors are not allowed to take requests.


Just wondering, what did you update?


Few pavement markings were added.


actually not.


@Major-Tom I’ve made the request to join the team and I got a positive reply and would like to work on Lanseria but my work schedule is hectic at the moment and I believe I need a lot of concentration and time available to embark on that mission especially that it will be my first time doing it.


Like Bruno said, One of our member was working on editing airports before. But now he stop to do it temporarily for personal reason.



Thanks Team.

I have done graphic work before, takes a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, (updated) airports are off course a really big deal in I.F. Personally I like to fly the 747-heavy. And because I live in Sabah Malaysia, there is only one place to touch down this Queen of the Skies. (WMKK) - Recently it has received a major upgrade (real world) . Would be so nice if this airport looked +/- like the real deal. Anyway, I do get it, takes a lot of time and effort to get it right. Too bad I don’t have the time (and skill) to do it myself heh.

Warm Greetings,



Hi Lambert,

Unfortunately as stated multiple times above, the airport editing team does not take requests.
It is completely voluntary and editors will edit what airports they please. I’m sure someone will get to this airport soon, but that is up to the editor who may or may not edit it.

Kind Regards,


As for major airports we do always try to keep them up to date. But unfortunately we need the free satellite images that we use as main source to be updated before we can follow any real world changes.
Some times we have luck and it comes quickly, but sometimes the images are 10 years old…
In this case what I have found from comparing IF, Satellite, and AIP documentaries it is pretty much up to date.
Maybe you could be a bit more specific what was missing based on this document.


I just started a flight from SAEZ to SKBO in South America, And I don’t know if it was this update or a previous one, but there was a major overhaul in the NAV database in the South America region, or at least in Colombia.

Thanks a lot IF !, you guys keep improving the experience constantly.