New Airport & Navigation Update


Thanks for updating my local airport!


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Thanks for the refurbishment on airports, and some new ones! 👍


You’re welcome, I hope you will enjoy it :)


No. The Airport Editing Team has a very clear “no requests” policy. As always, if you want this airport redone, we recommend you edit it yourself.

And I further urge you to avoid screaming at us about an airport that is “ALL WRONG” and need not be ignored. That is not how people in a civilized society ask for things. Maybe consider expressing gratitude for all of the work that his team has done the next time your fingers hit the keyboard in one of these threads. Just an idea :)


Good job and thank you


Thanks for amazing work! I’m glad that EPKK has been improved!


Yay! Make sure to go and check out YCFS and AU24 :)


Just to clarify: EPKK only had its frequencies fixed. The airport needs a full redo from scratch but for the moment it’s not happening.


This is important. On the internet, it’s so easy to forget that there are real people on the other end, and in this case, people who have put hard work into something for free. On the topic of airport editing, and indeed any topic, please imagine having the conversation face to face (say you’re discussing this at FlightSimExpo with someone) and ask yourself, “would I still say it this way”? Usually, I think the answer would be “whoops… no”.


Haha well when I left it was very much a building site so you may want to hold off a bit longer 😂


You and all of the IF development team are under appreciated. Love you all and good job so far, keep it coming ;)


Great update!! Whoever did ENSI, thank you very much, always great to see the norwegian airports updated!


Time to get rolling on planning RF Alaska both Air Force bases are updated!


I got you 😉😉


when I go update I get internet error. Help me


Is your connection stable ?


What happen to vsv st Vincent the airport in the sim now is no longer in use please update airport tithe AIA the new international airport need it


My conection it’s okay, I have 200MPS


hello this good so great for DAAG my there the problems on the place by exapmle stand 16 .17.18.19 possible for a330 report this problem thank you