New Airport & Navigation Update


That’s a separate issue that doesn’t have to do with airports.


TNCA was just fixed. Nothing new I added there


Colorado Airport stealer…

Jkjk ❤️


my airprots that i made = BKPR, LPBJ, LFRE, LFRZ, EHMD, LFOQ LFJR, LFFI. GO CHECK THEM!


Great job as always airport editing team!


In real world, ZLXY (Xiaan xian yang international airport) have 2 RWY, but in IF , ZLXY only have 1 RWY ! that’s really unfair!


Thanks so much for all the hard work. I love visiting the new and updated airports to check them out. It’s hard to get to them all with so many being worked on constantly. Not a bad problem to have. : )


This is most probably because the airport isn’t edited yet. Just because it’s not like the IRL airport doesn’t mean we’re being unfair.


I have a question, what does improved airports mean?


The airports have been updated to look more like their real world counterpart. Meaning updated taxiways, runways, etc.

They have also been improved to Infinite Flight quality standards.


Airports that already exist but that we redid from scratch or just small fixes.


Okay, I always wonder what happens to KLAS lol, it in almost every airport update


Would be appreciated if somebody could put me in contact with the editors of these airports. Thanks.


Very nice 👍 looks like plenty of updates covering airports in Central and South America as well!!!


Thanks for the update!


Fantastic thanks all, excited to check out Krakow (EPKK), flew out from there IRL last week!


I wasn’t Val, but I can do as well:
Gibraltar was done by @brunocr98,
the other two where mine.



Great work, Devs!


Great job team, however, i’d appreciate it if you listed them in Alphabetical order


Thank you for editing LROP!