New Airport & Navigation Update

Yes it is right but it’s in game not a airport that is no longer in open at least ad it

Yes but that airport u mention is it in the sim yes so y is an airport that is not longer in uses there but u guys did wirk on bgi and Trinidad that’s already there y Not try to update what’s not there

We do add airports that where not in the IF on a regular basis. 34 just in this update as you can read on top of the thread!
If you wish a special one you could join the team add it. All editors have the wish list and their priorities, if they are not yours: do it your self.

Ok will do

How do I join the team

Read this link


Terminal buildings are no longer added. New editing guidelines given to us last year explicitly forbids us from adding them on new airports and we’re also removing them from existing airports. I complied with this new rule while redoing SKBO and other airports in Colombia.


Some tweaks for the markings at the terminal apron. Nothing else.

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Thanks for updating DTTB, but was expecting for DTTJ and DTNH update. Indeed those two airports are more important and monoplize with DTMB the most charter and tourist flights in the country

I’m sure those airports will be updated eventually within the app. If you’d like the chances of them being updated to be higher, join the editing team! We’d love to have you.

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Thanks IFAET! I’m looking forward to joining you all soon 😎

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Somehow in one month time (previous update was on 28 Feb) you guys managed to update/edit over 500 airports.
Respect! 🌷


I have been reeling from the sheer volume of airports needing catalogged. The team have been doing a fantastic job. It is my privilege to be working with these guys.


I am very happy to be a part of the team even if I don’t have yet a lot of airports in my logbook.

I really thought I.F. was going for higher realism. Seems to me that Terminal Buildings are most definiately really important in that aspect. So why is I.F. implementing this (counterintuitive) policy.

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We’ve been told by FDS that they will eventually add buildings. All this time we’ve been drawing their shapes using taxiways, which it was wrong the whole time, since we’re using the wrong tool.

They’re not making us to follow a “counterintuitive” policy, they told us to use the editing tools for their real purposes.

Oh well didn’t know that new requirement (which shouldn’t be)…still you did a great job while redoing SKBO, thank you very much, and keep it up in Colombian airports, there are some important ones missing and we really need them!!! Again, really appreciate your all your effort!!!

We’ve been told to stop adding buildings using the Taxiway tool…because the tool is only for taxiways, so basically we’ve been doing things the wrong way. FDS told us to stop doing them (expect hangars which are added using concrete) because they will eventually add them.

De nada :)


Ah ok , understand , you did not have the right tool to create Terminal Buildings in an efficient way. Hope this tool will be available soon. Sorry that i kind of misunderstood.

Don’t get me wrong, i do think you guys are doing a great job in making it a much more enjoyable experience. Honestly i think I.F. should pay you guys for all the time and effort you put into it.

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Could we expect Manchester Airport (MAN) to be updated as the new terminal 2 extension has been completed and is now in commercial use?