New airport in Tehran!

Hello everyone
there has been rumors of a third airport being built in Tehran, Iran. This is very amazing because Mehrabad intl. is an "Intl’ by name but it’s only international flights are Hajj flights and Imam Khomeini while an amazing airport, is getting a bit too busy due to the everyday increasing amount of international operators flying in and out of IKA. The third one is rumored to be being built by French architects and is able to support Iran Air’s upcoming A380s, 777s and A350-1000s. This is a major project for people in I.R. Iran IF it is true.


Sounds cool. Will it be the new hub for the various Iranian airlines?

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Proboably yes

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Are there any pictures yet?

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No. Not yet


Next time I go to Iran, I might fly in there!

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