New airport in Mexico: Tulum's International Airport

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Mexico just got a new airport today: Tulum. This is the second “big famous” airport in 2 years that Mexico has got, and in fact, this was built in record time, possibly with the construction beginning last year. This was a project that was actually mentioned back in 2011, but until the actual administration of the current president, Lopez Obrador, it was never planned. This airport is one of the projects that will connect to a soon-to-be-opened “Tren Maya”.

The airport is named after Felipe Carrillo Puerto, with the ICAO code of MMTL, and IATA code of TQO. Much like MMSM, the argument was to “free” Cancun airport with the high traffic levels, but, unlike MMSM (opened back in 2022), this airport has a high potential of traffic and visitors, with International Flights to the U.S already on sale, starting from March, 2024.

From today, all flights will be flown to Mexico City’s airports, with Aeromexico doing 2 daily flights from AICM, and Viva Aerobus, 1 daily to AICM and 1 daily to AIFA. On mid december, scheduled flights to Toluca and Tijuana will begin, also with Viva. And from next year, international flights will come in.

Info taken from... (is in spanish

Aeropuerto de Tulum ‘despegará' con 126 vuelos nacionales y extranjeros: ¿Cuáles son sus rutas? – El Financiero

Inauguran Aeropuerto Internacional de Tulum en Quintana Roo en vivo - Grupo Milenio

English article from Simple Flying:

I look foward what will go on. Although this airport will be controversial because politiks, I personally find it a good economical opportunity, and with many people going to Tulum, the airport could possibly make the job done!


I think you swapped IATA and ICAO

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Right. Thanks for the heads-up

I’ve found this article in english in case you want to read it!

Really cool. Not too often you see a brand new international airport opening. Cancun is a mess, especially during the winter season. Hopefully his eases things up quite a bit.

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No, it isn’t. Cancun is a mess every single time.

That’s the target basically, apart of other side projects. What it could happen though is that people now start going to TQO directly. For many years, everyone going to Tulum had to go through Cancun, and then an hour away on bus to get there. Now, this looks like a competitive option for tourists.

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I can attest to this lol. Done this once. Tulum is cool, but not so cool when you’re on a bus ride with 80 other tourists in the sweltering heat.

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