New airport in Honduras

Toncontin will progressively give way to MHPR as the new international gateway in Honduras.

can this airport be added/edited where possible?



Hey! I’m sure Palmerola/Comayagua (MHSC/XPL) will be an addition in Infinite Flight in the future.

However, the editors will need to wait for suitable satellite imagery to get the 2D side of the airport done. I’m sure there’s other procedures and processes to have the 3D side of the airport complete. Hopefully it can make its way here soon!


Can we get an F in chat for Toncontin - one of the most fun (and dangerous) airports to land in the world!

No. The airport won’t be added until it’s done IRL. Can you build an airport in Infinite Flight with a high level of accuracy to resemble the real world airport? The airport isn’t even complete yet…

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