New Airport and terminal renderings for KCMH!

So for all my Ohio and Columbus friends, as we may know, last year the Port Columbus Regional Airport Authority announced that they will be planning a huge brand new terminal! This will be the first time in 56 years that there will be additions coming to KCMH! As we may know 2 years ago, 10R-28L was moved. This is actually the first phase of the construction! It is unclear as to how many gates there will be or if CMH will retain the basic Concourse A,B,C.

As a catch up for those who are clueless as to what I am talking about -
As you may have seen KCMH or Port Columbus Intl Airport has announced plans for a new Airport. This will be a result due to rising passenger demand, the need for more gates and space for incoming flights, and for future British Airways flights to LHR

So here is what CMH currently looks like:

This is what the new first looks are looking like!


There is a link I’ll add down below!


wow! This looks really amazing. Will there be more international flights from there? Would be interesting visiting that airport when it´s finished

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Mock-up plans for airports always look so good. Hope they go with the asphalt runways as they look fab


They are talking with other airlines such as Air France, Lufthansa and other various airlines but it was unclear as to if they struck a deal as to when they will be coming, but BAW was supposed to announce them coming as early as May of 2016 but I believe with the new plans since Columbus really does not have a big customs gate which it’s only 1 gate which is C53 and it’s operated by DAL, but as far as I know if and when it’s announced the route would be operated by a 787!

The first phase which was moving the RWY went from Concrete to Asphalt but I agree it defiantly would look nice!

But i don´t see many germans going to columbus…

There is a large population of Germans in Columbus. Plus Columbus is the pharmaceutical capital of the Midwest so a lot of European companies call Columbus home for manufacturing

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I woud never imagine going for vacation there with my family…I am not saying its a bad idea but do you understand my point?

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lol I get your point, no offense taken if you thought or think I am haha. I mean there is really nothing to do in Columbus, because we’re more of a business type town as to like Orlando or New York


The only reason people outside of America really know it is because of Roman Atwood 😂


Seems legit 😂


I’ll have to update it once it gets finished. Looks fantastic :)

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Lol these are still plans David 😂 the new construction for this isn’t coming for another 10 years lol😂 But I would like to see what it turns out because CMH just built new RPA parking near the hangar… But I totally agree it will be fantastic!

It looks a bit like Orlando airport

Looks awesome! Great new look

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Agreed! The trillion dollar question all aviation people are asking in Columbus is it going to be reasonable larger than the existing terminal…

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