New Airport And Navigation Update

I’m generally curious why EGCC hasn’t been renovated as there is a whole new terminal, it has been there for some while so I’m just wondering what’s the score with that. Also amazing work 👏🏼

EGCC has been reworked some months ago. However, Google is very outdated. And as I stated 1 hour ago:

You’ll have to wait until Google updates imagery for EGCC and then one of us will do the changes. In the meantime it will remain as it is.


Here in Brazil there are airports in the same situation as EGCC, but as stated above, if Google does not update the images, there is no way we publishers can do our part.

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OMG!! My new Hometown airport! Thank you airport editor. Yeah finally😌 Can sleep peacefully

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Townsville? My home airport getting featured in an event in the future? this is amazing, thank you so much team. @Mr_Jetstar, this is gonna be pretty good.

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This update includes my first contribution in a little while (more on the way), KPJC. This is the airport at which I received my first flight lesson:

Very excited about flying in and out of this airport in the new C172!


Thank you guys for all of your hard work!

To those wondering why FALA isn’t in this update, I’m sorry, but as the airport is currently undergoing a large revamp, satellite imagery is outdated, and if I were to give you the old version of the airport, the GA part would be outdated as it is not in good shape in the imagery. As a compensation, I will be working on a different South African airport that should be out by the next update!


Thank you of the hall team works
Not last but least we’re all happy

Great job 👏 best mobile flight sim 😃


I would join too I guess, it looks great :)


Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication to this great sim!

Wow,the update is AMAZING!

When is the new taxiway at EGGW London Luton going to be added

Wich one is the new taxiway @CVRR3?


Oh, I thought they took request, i didn’t know🤷🏽‍♂️

Great to see EIKY getting included!

The Irish airports look great. I’d love to help out with editing in the future.

I am still improving an airport. Fighting!

Guys, I cannot say just how thankful I am that you guys updated KBHM. I am stunned by the clear differences in the airport. Thank you.