New Airplanes and airports!

Please add new airplanes:

Tupolev-154M : Alrosa, Belavia.
Tupolev-204. : RedWings.
IL-86. : Russian (Rossiya)
SuperJet-100: Aeroflot.
Concord: AirFrance.
AirBus A-319: Aeroflot, Russian (Rossiya), AirFrance…
Transaero livery in Boeing-767

And airports: Moscow airports, St. Peterburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok.

Please make it free.

Thank you in advance.

Free - won’t happen (unless everyone suddenly can work for free and get free food, clothes, etc for that)
This needs to be in features
One feature (in this case, one airplane or one airport per suggestion)
Search for existing suggestions of similar nature in the Features category before posting your own.




Ok great ideas over all but not all of it will be free, if any.

For future reference the way the devs read the feature requests is one airplane per topic.

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