New Airplane Icons

A feature that would be very useful and feature where the developers don’t have to have to go out of there way for much time and would be easy.

New Airplane Icons

New Airplane icons would be a very useful and fine feature to add the the game. It would help save time and help a lot. Here’s what I think should be changed. To keep it simple and not hard. It only has to be done with some commercial and cargo aircraft.

MD-11 / DC-10

Also the MD-11 and DC-10 both have the same icons but they share that with every wide body twin engine jet and they aren’t twin engine! Their wings are differently shaped and in different spots. The wing is further back on the aircraft. I personally think that infinite flight should look at a picture of an MD-11 or DC-10 and make that an icon.

Airbus A340

The Airbus A340 shares the same icon with every quad-engine aircraft in the game. This change would be simple. The wings on the icon of the a340 are very wide and thick like the A380 and 747. Unlike those two, the A340 doesn’t have that big of a wing. It is very skinny and would make sense if the icon would have a skinnier wing. Also would be simple to look at the top of the plane and then make it into an icon for it.

Credit: and Flightradar24.

In this photo, you can clearly tell those icons are MD-11s and DC-10s.

I don’t see a need for this. Why not keep all icons the way they are? This is just more performance issues waiting to happen.

Also, don’t forget to vote for your own request!

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Good idea, but isn’t the point of the map and icons just to see if it is short, medium, or long haul aircraft? I want to see your thoughts on this.

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Don’t see much use for this, because when on your map, the name tag, i believe tells you the aircraft the person is flying.
This is just a feature that won’t change the game, just a small behind the curtain kind of change if this would every be made imo

But it would be nice to not have to do that and it would be useful when your flying with a lot of people and you can see all the different types of aircraft. Plus I don’t see why this shouldn’t be added.

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Not really, if so it’s just long haul and short haul, because there’s not really a way to tell which ones are short and long if two of them are long and one of them is short plus it would be a great feature to add.

This could be a small light nice to have. But it’s really not necessary, we can always identify the plane but clicking it’s icon.

The map is supposed to somewhat reflect a realistic one. But we’ve added some features to it so both controllers & pilots can identify it easier.

Doing this is a bit like Airbus or Boeing (or any other) should implement FlightRadar24 into their MFD’s. Not likely and will most likely just lead to a very cluttered display.

You need to know there’s an aircraft there, and how far away it is from you. Anything else is just redundant on the initial map. Want to know more? Tap on it :)


I don’t see much of a need in this sadly…

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Me too, it is just to tap on the plane to see the Information.

Unpopular opinion, but I would actually enjoy this. You’d be able to easily distinguish the general type of aircraft that is flying, without tapping on the aircraft, which could sometimes be difficult when there is multiple aircraft near the aircraft you’re trying to select. This would be a small, but subtle addition. You have my vote. 🙂