New Airline set to be made in Thailand!

Sure, you might think the name ‘Really Cool Airlines’ is unoriginal and something made by a young 5 year old playing Airline Manager but well, it seems like that odd name that can grab more people to come see! Really Cool Airlines is a planned international lifestyle and full service airline set to be based in Bangkok, Thailand with multiple destinations and a competitor to a slowly dying Thai Airways. The name of the airline might make you think it is made by someone that has entered the Airline Industry for the first time, but it is actually made by Patee Sarasin, who was the former CEO of one of Thailand’s largest low-cost airline, Nok Air! With plans to use Airbus aircraft, Really Cool Airlines has shown it’s apparent livery in multiple concept videos and pictures and it looks well, Really Cool as it shows a more relaxing shading of blue at the rear.

Image shows an apparent poster with the A350(?) showing the planned Really Cool Airlines livery.

And yes, Really Cool Airlines is an International airline, but that does not mean flights to China, Singapore, Japan and the other Asian countries, but they have announced International destinations outside of Asia too. Although it is probably a problem for Thai Airways, this is really good for the country itself, as it has only 1 main international airline that serves destinations outside of Asia so having more options can bring some competition and maybe more options for vacations to Thailand!

What do you think about Really Cool Airlines? How do you think the future of Thai air travel would be with this new airline? Share your opinions down below in the replies!

Have a great second/minute/moment/hour/day/week/month/year/life/eternity!


New airline? Cool…

Welp I guess that’s a “really cool” airline.

This has to be some sort of April Fools! XD


Actually, no, it has been announced weeks before the April Fools week, and well, it is not in general!

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May I also refer this Simple Flying article for more info

hopefully they are “really cool” 😎

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I believe so too! It is apparently a ‘Life Style’ airline, and will have a style similar to Virgin America (before it merged with Alaska) but just international, so more like Virgin Atlantic

how did you know my first airline in Airline Managers name was Really Cool Airlines?



This is really cool 😎

Wow that’s really cool

that’s really cool…

Wow! I hadn’t heard of this until I saw this thread!

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Anyone else see this on Sam Chui’s Youtube ?

I have recently seen it on the channel, but since my family is Thai, we watch the news often and get slightly more info too. Sam Chui’s youtube video is actually cool too, and I can’t wait to see him review their inaugural flight

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Is their inaugural flight to Japan ? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

We still have to wait for their route network to be announced in June and they should announce it later this year as the Inaugural is set for December

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Update: According to a Sam Chui article, it seems that Really Cool Airlines is not only talking with Airbus, but is also considering Boeing to be part of their fleet.

Source: Introducing Thailand’s New Airline: Really Cool Airlines

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