New airline on the Canadian domestic market

Canada’s first ULCC nad newest airline, New Leaf. It will start operations on February 12th, 2016 using 737-400s leased from Flair Air.

On the other hand, their low spending certainly reflects on their livery. I thought China Eastern had a crappy livery…

Not my photo


The livery is okay. It looks okay on the tail but the cheat line and black nose makes it look wierd. I think they just forgot to paint the rest of the plane.

The livery is a pretty obvious photoshop job. The actual livery will look a little less discombobulated. I tried a dummy booking, YXE-YXX for $178, not too impressed by this apparently ultra low cost carrier. I give them 5 years before they go bust.


Goodness, two flights weekly? That’s going to be terrible for vacation planning. The life expectancy continues to go down…

nevermind. This is going to be the Canadian spirit. There going to slap you with fee after fee after fee.

They will stay around for a bit, their operation is inherently low risk, going through Flair lowers their initial capital costs, they can fold at a moments notice as they probably have very little solid assets.

Agreed, They’ll likely go down the People Express (2015 reincarnation) pathway

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5 years? Wow, you sure are pesimistic! 6 years.

Nope not pessimistic at all, just being realistic. Having limited service with chartered jets and low fares has been a combination that many failed start-ups tried. They think they can gather capital by starting low risk, but most, if not all of them fail because they can’t translate hype into revenue growth. Their charter model isn’t the cheapest way to do things, it just reduces the initial capital outlay. Which is concerning because clearly there isn’t enough investor interest to properly fund an airline. This might drive down yields for WS/AC to an extremely limited extent, but they won’t even make a dent in the duopoly.


Just like southwest but in Canada

That’s what WS does, this one doesn’t have free drinks, snacks, nor checked baggage.

I think they have potential

Well, that didn’t last long. Hopefully they can get their stuff together.

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Say again, how did you know his was going to happen? You explained it to me once, but I didn’t quite get it.

It’s a cobbled together model that have already been tried. I think this is a temporary setback, they will continue to try. I seriously think they will get off the ground and operate, but I think they won’t make it for too long.

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Still no word on the investigation, looks like NewLeaf will fade into the ranks of airlines that never got off the ground. I sincerely hope they will be back, but I’m not confident.