New Airline Contract

Hello IFC,
Today I learned that the company I worked for recently was awarded a contract with Sun Country Airlines at my home airport working there charter flights in. This is great for us as we are working more flights which in turn means more hours and more pay. They will not be everyday as it’s not regular scheduled service but charters whether it be sports, Casino or Millitary. The flights will operated by either a 76 seat 737-700 or a 146-166 seat 737-800. Fill free to post any questions below! Picture credits go to Nate Nickell and Nate Fielder


A 76 seat B737 🤨

Thats interesting! I actually flew with sun country over the weekend

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Yep that’s a true thing. Saw it in my CBT

Nice! I’ll be handling there charters at my home airport

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Nice! I mainly fly Sun Country.

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Tide pod inbound!


Nice! I can’t wait to work them


That’ll be cool to work another airlines probably. I don’t think I’ve flown with Sun Country, but I’ve seen them around before

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And a new plane. I’m use to working Airbus so it be a change for sure

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Ooo la la congratulations!

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