New airline concept ✈ share planes during tight or low profit routes

heres my idea have one aircraft say a 777-300ER and have one section of the plane run with delta seats and staff the other section with united seats and staff somewhat like a allience just on one plane and so on a so fourth. tell me what you think

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can you be more specific what you mean

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cool similar but this is an airplane with the front of the plane having delta seats the physical delta style seat leather and everything and another part having united style fabric seats also the flight attendants will serve their customers clothed in their airlines uniform

it would be pointless as the companies will be making even less money on the routes, if they needed to they would use their smaller planes


again its just an idea i never said it was smart or even plausible just a random thought

again its just an idea i never said it was smart or even plausable just a random thought in a perfect world it might worke

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i know I’m just giving my viewpoint 😃

and im just throwing out random ideas scary though i get these thoughts in the shower maybe we should make showers on planes lol (thats probably how the designer of the A380 came up with the idea.


What happens if the plane hits severe turbulence and youre in that shower xD


As long as companies remain in competition, stuff like this will never happen. Theoretically, it could work but assuming airlines are shooting for brand recognition, keeping customer satisfaction up to par, integrating two companies’ workers, union issues. Too big of a mess to put together


If you purchase a Delta flight and an American airplane shows up, then the first stage will be a mass of confused passengers. Assuming many folks remain to be ignorant, dense, and frankly a bit stupid, gate agents will have to field extra questions and lose concentration/time to focus on actual problems.


Profitability is hurt when you add more crew onto a plane. If an airline wants to maintain customer satisfaction, the best way to ensure that is to use their own crews i stead of being at the mercy of the other carriers’ crews. Thus, it’ll be exactly like flying an A320-200, assuming operating costs are split evenly and crewing remains the same. Why fly another 77W when an airline can distinctly fly its own aircraft.

If you take the cheapest option, then you risk brand recognition-ranging from crews to announcements in flight, aircraft, satisfaction that doesn’t help anyone.

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Or a B737-800 ;)

I thought that’s what metal-neutral JVs are for. There is always theoption of downguages, sharing planes isn’t that feasible when one airline can snap up all the profits by themselves if they are on the route first, or they try to push the others out if there isn’t enough traffic. Airlines are competing against each other, not helping each other.

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