New aircraft

Hi all,

I am literally begging for infinite flight to bring out the A350-1000 aircraft already and especially in ETIHAD AIRWAYS livery! I was also thinking that infinite flight should definitely provide all the special Adnoc liveries on the ETIHAD AIRWAYS b787-9/10.

If anyone with information please come forward and share it with us, if they aren’t thinking of doing it anytime soon then can we somehow vote for this! I really appreciate any positive comment… please tag whoever so we can find out any information on this.

Thanks and have a amazing day

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Here is the answer for the A350-1000

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I could be mistaken but I’m pretty sure that Infinite Flight will not be adding special liveries anymore.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong

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@Butter575 I do believe your correct

I would’ve loved to play IF with etihad a350k before i die🥲