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I know we are getting the 777 rework at the minute and i am very grateful to the developers for this, but i was wondering if we were going to receive a new aircraft to the sim before the years over. I know this is a bit far fetched but if anyone has any ideas can you let me know thanks!



We will never know unless they specifically tell us. My guess is most likely no but hey, could be a wonderful surprise. Anything is possible with the IF team


yeah that would be nice

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There’s always a chance, but we’re in August now, and we have yet to receive the other 3 variants of the 777, so you can look at that in whatever way you’d like.

If anything is in the works and the devs deem it ready to share some pictures, they’ll be posted on their social media and developer timeline :)


Yeah it is nice that we are getting that, but i would be nice to see a new aircraft inside if

Head over to #features and vote for some new aircrafts. The more votes, the better chance something can be added

Hey there Jamie

Right now only the 777s (777-300ER and the 777F) have been confirmed to be coming. Any other aircraft aside from those two have not been announced.


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The developers really enjoy keeping things a secret with every release. Take the last 777 release. We also ended up getting the 737 live cockpit. We could get another surprise with the next update. There really is no way to know. However, once all the 777s are complete, I predict a community wide poll, like they did for the 350. There hasn’t been one in a while, so it’s possible.

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thanks mate.

If you honestly think about it, the 777 isn’t a rework, It’s a whole new aircraft. It’s brand new. It beautiful!

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Difficult to have a new aircraft, having so many orders! It’s quite a lot of people asking for Rework on the A330 or adding the ATR.
But the developers of the Infinite Flight, will give a special way to all requests, I trust them :)

Hey @Jamie_Walker! you should head over to #features and vote for new aircraft that you want.

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