New aircraft

I have been enjoying infinite flight even though I’m only on casual. I love flying all the different airlines and aircrafts, and love flying to different parts of the world. My question is when are new airlines and new aircrafts coming out

The developers don’t tell us but keep an eye on #announcements for new aircraft releases.
They might also post a few pictures on their official accounts (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) But they try to stay away from release dates.

That’s a good question. But no one knows😉

You can stay updated by following Infinite Flight on their social media, like Instagram and Twitter.

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While nobody knows the full timing outside of the developers, you can get info by following infinite flight on instagram or Twitter as they will release pictures of them ahead of time.

The CRJ7 just came out a week ago. So I think it’ll be a bit before the next release. But who knows these days