New aircraft with design request

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to talk to someone about possibly designing a new aircraft to add to the flight sim. ?


This airplane was involved in a tragic crash during an air med flight. It’s a company my dad flies for called Bismarck Air Medical, (441CX) and I was hoping to have this as a memorial to fly around in the game.

Thank you in advance. Safe flying everyone!

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Hi Scotty!

I heard/read about this aircraft crash recently back in November of this year. Truly quite sad reading the report and my thoughts go out to the families affected by this incident. Its never fun or intriguing to hear/read about these types of incidents, but sometimes these situations can help further improve the safety and effectiveness of the airspace and the operators that utilize this airspace.

With that said, to get an aircraft added to Infinite Flight we have a process where users need to be of a certain Trust Level to make these requests. Our forum runs off a leveling system called Trust Levels. You’re still a new user better known as a Trust Level 0. Folks need to be a Trust Level 2 to request to make these types of feature requests.

Below are a few helpful links to get you started and will provide a little insight in regards to how this forum operates.

Blue skies!

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