New aircraft used in the IFF

So maybe you thought that a display team was ok… Maybe as it was only fighter jets it could be better… Well here at the IFF we like to expand and we are now including the C17 to get more use out of it and the 747-400. Why you may ask… This will develop our flying routines to be even more complex. We are currently creating a new routine in which a 747 or c17 takes off at its maximum vs as it still gains speed whilst fighter jets circle around and over it. If you wanted something new something better.
Well it’s the begginning of a new era

IFF CEO Kieran Lockhart

@anon66771861 @Owen_Lewis @Pilot8 @Rodney_Buckland


These will soon be making their way onto our displays

The beginning of a new era


Is this IFF a VA?

Yes it’s a fly I display team using fighters jets mainly to perform routines we also use discord to talk to each other the discord is here

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