New aircraft speed development

Hi IFC! I have a question, why there are years that IF created more than 6 big planes and this year with luck we are going to have only 1 (a350). Im not criticizing only its unusal to see a year like these one with any airliner.

The standard of creating aircraft has now changed. All new aircraft are added with live cockpits which can take a long time to perfect.


Although I am not a developer of aircraft by any means, the answer to your question is likely the following:
IF’s aircraft are becoming more and more detailed, and therefore it takes longer for the devs to add in all of these extra details not featured in previous aircraft. This would explain why the aircraft are taking longer to make.

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mod close this

This is why…



Aren’t you forgetting the XCub?

And update of the A-10 + A320 family.

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