New Aircraft Sounds

I heard somewhere that new aircraft sounds were planned to be released - were they? I have to say the A321 sounds slightly different but that may just be me.


Unless “somewhere” means an official announcement from the devs then there’s a good chance that it’s fake news.


I believe it was on a DLVA livestream when FDS were at Osh Kosh. I doubt DLVA would lie.

People were asking which aircraft had new sounds and they said they couldn’t say specifically which ones did.


Also I’m sure you can find this yourself somewhere else and that this is almost indefinitely a duplicate :)

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Oh. I think they said something along the lines of the A330 and a CF6 sound? It had to do with the engine models or something. I can barely remember the stream, so sorry if I’m not correct

I’m quite sure they mentioned new sounds specifically. I could be wrong, but that’s what I heard. I assumed new engine sounds were added in the update, guess not.

Nope. The A321 still sounds the same.

no new sounds

We did indeed mention new sounds during the live stream from OSH.

I am not sure if those new sounds are out with the update.


Cool. Glad it wasn’t fake news… @David_Beckett

There are no new sounds in the update. In the last developer stream it was confirmed they do have new sounds for Airbus aircraft, and I would guess they are coming with the A350. I’ll try and find the stream.

Oh, neat. At this rate with how many things they’re adding to the A350 I’m not surprised it’s taking so long!

In DLVA’s livestream from OSH, new sounds were confirmed, although I don’t believe there was an aircraft mentioned. I think that in a dev livestream, it was said that it would be coming to the A320 family of aircraft.

There are no new aircraft sounds in this update.

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