New Aircraft Rendering?

The aircraft have a different shade of black… new renderings?

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Isn’t that just the C172?


looks like a 172 to me

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That’s the Cessna 172

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Have you never seen this before?

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Sorry, I didn’t finish editing the topic.

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Not sure if it’s new aircraft rendering Laura was just saying if she revealed global right now to android it would look like that

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Did anyone notice the new coordinates option in the status bar?


Yes it is, I saw that photo in her Instagram.

Uh… you know, Laura’s tnsta had the hashtag “itsbroken” accompanying this picture.
So global’s broken, YAY!!! (Horrible sarcasm attempt)

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Blame Android. Apple FTW!!!


It’s a pic of a bug she found. i think

Lmao! I see it now. There’s a dark line under the aircraft that shows she’s on the ground. But is she in the air or on the ground?..

EDIT: I think she’s on the ground. That 777 nearby has its gear down.

I am 100% sure she’s on the ground, 0 airspeed and 20 feet above sea level. Seems as if there are rendering issues with terrain and the planes.

Nah, just the stealthy black ops 172.


Sure you get a lot of those at the air force base right 😂


I wouldn’t know! They’re tough to see. 😏


Especially troublesome when they don’t pop up on the radar either, guess you just have to trust their position reports. ;)

They probably used a different rendering engine for terrain in global. That’s why there’s bugs.

a cessna in a black hole?