New aircraft needed

Any new planes coming anytime soon

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The B777-200LR, the B777-200F and B777-300ER are about to be released as part of the 20.2 update. Apple is in the process of reviewing it. Take a look at Infinite Flight’s official Social Media posts and keep checking in on the forum to get the latest updates.


The 77W, 77F has been reworked and is in the final stages of Beta, that is it if that is what you mean.

If you are talking about IRL then I got nothing, besides the Chinese aircraft

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I wish we had an A332 and A339Neo

Feel free to vote for them here;


I mean by new aircraft add to list classics like 737 600 500s airbus a300s maybe Learjet classics in Embraer like 145 etc

There are no publicly announced plans to add/rework any specific aircraft after 20.2. You can voice your wants by voting on a feature or making a feature request. Otherwise, check announcements every once in a while.

No aircraft have been announced for 20.2. Only ones that have been announced were the 777-300ER, 77F , 77L , No new aircraft.

Visit the #features category and vote for aircraft you’d like to see in the game :)

Thanks - C.S.G

we may see a surprise we never know :)

See highlighted posts above. Thank you.