New aircraft fixes/ToDo

I am really content and happy with infinite flight from the first minute I bought it… being a part of infinite flight is a huge pride for me on how hard the developers work and strive for the success of the simulator. But I would like to suggest something… 1) If we have specific aircraft for 4k, why not add 4k for all aircraft?? It would look way more cooler and clear.
2) Is it me or is the bombardier CRJ’s cockpit bugged and is low quality graphics or are you guys having it too?
3) Same with Boeing C-17…
4) Not in ANY way, an I criticizing the Devs, just saying my mind. I really am proud of being a infinite flight user.


Make sure you become a member before posting. And only 1 request per topic.

Many of these have been requested already :))


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